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LIC | A Catalyst for Population and Public Health Management

Engaging and Empowering Hospital Laboratories and Public Health Agencies in Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) for Meaningful Use

The LIC team co-presented with the CDC at the Public Health Informatics Conference in August 2011.

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A primary focus of the Lab Interoperability Cooperative is preparing hospital labs for connectivity to public health. Once the LIC goal of enabling electronic transmission is achieved, the benefits of connectivity to the hospital laboratory community and public health are significant. Initially, those benefits will be realized with resource efficiency through data consistency and improved accuracy and reporting results. However, when we look ahead to meaningful use Stage 3, the benefits expand to a national public health landscape and improving population health outcomes as a whole.


The LIC aims to support public health through —

  • Aiding clinical laboratories with appropriate encoding of their public health reportable tests at the point of origin
  • Facilitating receipt of electronic lab reportables by the public health agency with the appropriate granularity and quality of LOINC encoding, increasing detection and response time for diseases
  • Providing capability for real time reporting of public health laboratory tests for disease surveillance
  • Supporting, training and expertise are available during the grant period from the LIC
  • Structuring laboratory data collection increases the completeness of reporting
  • Improving the efficiency of electronic laboratory reporting
  • Facilitating the implementation of standards for reporting, encoding and messaging laboratory test results.