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The LIC has set up a two-stage checklist to assess a facility's readiness and ability to participate in this pilot. To determine if your laboratory is eligible, please answer the questions on the checklist found here. The LIC will determine, after review of all the responses, which hospitals best represent a cross-section of the country. Among the factors used to determine this will be size, geographic location, current technology capabilities, potential technology capabilities, and current and future plans. After initial review, select facilities are invited to participate in stage II of the process. Following stage II, facilities will be formally invited to participate in the pilot.


Completing the checklist does not commit your organization to participating if you later decide this opportunity is not the right fit.

Critical Access Hospitals

The LIC understands that at Critical Access and small, rural facilities staff may be quite limited. In some instances, one person might be performing all of these roles. This does not preclude your participation, and we encourage you to complete the checklist process.

What Are the Benefits of Participating?

Hospitals who participate will benefit from the resources the LIC provide. As a result, participants may reach meaningful use goals more rapidly, knowing they have met the regulatory requirements for connectivity. Furthermore, participants will be equipped to confidently address future public health and clinical laboratory reporting requirements as meaningful use initiatives evolve....

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